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Get from here all sizes and types of Disposable Products.

About Us

Customers are the most happiest when they are provided with quality best range of products which have been priced reasonably. Knowing this fact, Mr. D. K. Jha formed Mithila Thermo India Pvt. Ltd. to make clients most happiest by providing to them a stellar range of disposables at rates that are budget suiting.

The company is new that means it was born in the year 2018 as a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of disposable items like Disposable Paper Plate, Cup, Dona, Glass, and more. The type of disposables items we are into selling are quality best because these have been manufactured using high quality paper, plastic and thermocol. For customers wanting bundles of disposable items and items in all attractive dimensions and designs, we are the right stop for them.

Making Quality Our Habit

Since we are a newly established company, we focus most on improving the quality of items. For improving the quality, we are surveying in Indian market about best grade products and new technologies. Making into use these, we are making quality our habit. Also, we have been checking our gamut of disposables on two-tier quality testing process. This process ensures that dimensionally correct and fault-free range is developed.

Reasons To Choose Us
  • We are a one stop shop to get all types of disposable products, from Disposable Paper Plate, Cup, Glass, to Dona and more.
  • We are into making of quality based disposables.
  • Our disposable items are easy to recycle and do not harm environment by filling land.
  • We provide prompt delivery service and high level of satisfaction to customers.
Where Do We Serve?

Disposables are amongst those items which are used everywhere The main reason for so much use is that these can be disposed off after first use unlike steel and brass based utensils. Following are the areas where our offered Dona, Plate, etc., are served:
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • At Ceremonies
  • Religious Places and more.